A series of kaleidoscopic mirrored photographs by Alexander Kesselaar

Series 1 - Genesis launching on Atomic Hub

These images create unique and inspiring artworks that play with the viewer’s imagination, similar to the effect achieved in the Rorschach Inkblot Tests.



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First Pack dropping Q3 2021
The Sun Always Shines on TV



7 different cards
100 of each type
700 in total


4 different cards
50 of each type
200 in total


3 different cards
20 of each type
60 in total


1 type of card
10 available in total
Super Rare


1 type of card
5 available in total
Special Animated Edition


1 of a kind
The Original
Comes with a fine art paper print
Shipped anywhere in the world.

Each work comes backed with a Signature and infor about the series. 

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About the Artist

Alexander Kesselaar was born in germany on the 3rd of June 1977. He has been working as a professional photographer & videographer in sydney Australia for nearly 20 years.